Beyond 2021

Our Idea

The “3rd Asia Rugby Exchange Fest” was scheduled to be held in September 2020, but unfortunately it was canceled due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

However, the Asia Rugby Exchange Fest Executive Committee has planned to give memorial gifts to the teams participated in the past in order to maintain the solidarity that have made up between the each team.




“Beyond 2021”

Expectations for the continuation of the relationship between teams and staff who have participated in the Asia Rugby Exchange Fest in the past, expectations for the continuation and breakthrough of the tournament, prayers for overcoming the current Corona infection, and the message of "We will definitely see you again in 2021!” are included.




As proof of "Beyond 2021"

-Original rugby balls and T-shirts will be distributed to past participating teams

-Each team will practice rugby with this T-shirts and balls, and make videos "Be sure to meet with this balls and T-shirts next year!"

-The created video will be published on the Asia Rugby Exchange Fest website.


Beyond2021 "29 people from 8 Asian countries connected the ball"

Japan, Nagasaki "Omura Rugby School"

Japan, Kagoshima "TEAM SEGODON"

Japan, Nagasaki "Nagasaki Rugby School"

Japan, Fukuoka "Miyake Young Ruggers"

Japan, Nagasaki "Yunoki Rugby School"

Japan, Fukuoka "Kisyokan Secondary school"

Nepal "The Junior Team of Nepal"

Macao "Macau Bats"

Indonesia "Jakarta Komodos Junior Rugby Indonesia"

Bangladesh "Bangladesh Junior Tigers Rugby Team"


Japan "Coca-Cola Red Sparks"

Japan "Munakata Sanix Blues"

Thailand "Aum Noy Rugby Academy Team"


Malaysia "Asia Rugby team from Malaysia"



Today's global arena

Many flowers were in bloom after the rain.

This year, we will hold the Asia Rugby Exchange Festa

I hope I can meet you again at the Global Arena

I am looking forward to it.



Asian Rugby Exchange Fest Declaration

Rugby creates friends

Friends walk together

Friends respect each other

Friendships have no borders

We are an Asian rugby family

Postponement Announcement of the 3rd Asia Rugby Exchange Festa due to Novel Coronavirus Outbreak


2020.8.08 (Sat)

The Japan Rugby Football Association (JRFU) announces the postponement of the "3rd Asian Rugby Exchange Festa" that was planned to be held in September 2020 by JRFU and Fukuoka Prefecture. In view of the impact of the spread of the global infection of new coronavirus (COVID-19), the safety of participants cannot be guaranteed.

We will continue to prepare for the 2021 event.