1st Asian Rugby AC Festa tournament report

In October 2018, ahead of the Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan Tournament to be Asia's first held after one year, rugby spread and development of the Asian region, with the aim of exchange and training at the Asia level of youth to become a World Congress Asia Rugby exchange Festa was held in Fukuoka Prefecture.

It participated U14 boys rugby team of the Asian countries and Kyushu, Bangladesh, Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Chinese Taipei, nine teams from Macau,
Fukuoka, Nagasaki, we gathered all 16 teams of six teams from Oita.

Program over three days from October 6 to 8 days are organized, became the contents with a focus on technology improvement and the international exchange of rugby.

Implement the X rugby training sessions Rugby Clinic for participating players in the morning of the first day. The players have received guidance for the competitiveness improvement by the Women's Sevens Japan representative coach.
In the afternoon, we watch the game of "Munakata Sanix VS Toyota Motor Corporation". While excited about the top league game was watching a play in a serious look.

The second day was held at the X rugby Exchange Games is Kasuga Park Playing Field is a 3-day main. Blessed with weather, the arrangement Zurarito are all participating teams under the blue sky, the opening ceremony was held.

The match in front of the venue had been drifting atmosphere of tension. From the appearance of players who burn the fighting spirit kneading the strategy for each team, fired up enough how is handed down. And, finally kick-off with the signal of the game start. While immediately incorporate what they have learned in the training sessions of the first day, we aim to boldly try.

The match after performing a pool game which were divided into four pool 16 team four teams each, has been promoted in a manner that performs block warfare by each coat same rank team.

The half-time is also and performance of music and cheerleading of taiko, it boosts the tournament.

This tournament is also interviewed a number of media, drew attention. Cheering supporters organizations, sponsors, volunteers, etc., has led to the success of the tournament with the cooperation of a large number of people.

Every game is completed, from the players to float a substantial smile and facial expressions tournament was Ukagaemasu that became meaningful now. In the closing ceremony gift presentation ceremony also takes place in each country, and the last to recite the "Asia AC declared" in all the sunset on the back, closed the curtain on the second day.

[Video] the second day of the short movie

Day 3 took part in was held in Fukuoka city "Fukuoka citizen Sports Festa 2018". "Fukuoka citizen Sports Festival" is an event for the purpose of to experience the fun of sports or Japanese culture experiences and regional exchange. Rather than a team of each country and region in the Exchange Games that are made tag rugby in there, I was challenged in the match in the mixed team. The players have deepened the relationship scramble communications over the wall of words.

At night toward the second time, I thought the design of the commemorative medal after the next time players overseas. Each team has high-quality design is finished.

Players who finished the three-day program enjoyed the sightseeing and shopping until the return of the October 9 flight. Not only alternating current through the rugby, Japan, also touched on the Fukuoka of culture, was the state in which to enjoy.

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