Asian Rugby Exchange Fest 2019

Gathered a team of U-14 responsible for the future of Asian rugby! X rugby Exchange Games will be held as the first Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan tournament legacy program to be held in Asia. We will exchange and development in Asia level of youth that aims to rugby spread and development and the World Congress of the Asian region through the tournament.

competition summary

Through the holding of the Asian Rugby AC Festa, aims to promote the exchange and development of the Asian level of player that aims to sound diffusion and development and the Olympics and the World Cup in Asia rugby.

2019 2st Asian Rugby AC Festa


September 26, 2019 (Thursday) to September 30 (Monday)


Global Arena (Fukuoka Prefecture Munakata Yoshidome 46-1)


Countries And Japan Asian From April 2, 2005 And The Boys Were Born On April 1, 2007 The Leaders Its 10 Overseas Teams

In Japan 6 Team (Team That Has Received A Recommendation From The Association Of Kyushu Rugby Football Association Tube)

※participants and content are planned at the present stage,
  there is a possibility of change.

2019 2st Asian Rugby AC Festa


   26 Sept: Italy v Canada Rugby World Cup match
   27 Sept: XRugby Course and Rugby Clinic
28-29 Sept: XRugby Exchange Tournament

Day 1 A coat

Day 1 B coat

Day 2 A coat

Day 2 B coat

Participating teams